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About will soon be the number one San Leandro community website that is useful, informative, entertaining and most important- FUN!.  Ultimately, this community website will be a comprehensive source for information on and regarding the town of San Leandro. You will be able to find nearly everything you'd want to know about the town's history, public resources, clubs, chat groups, local retail, services and calendars of events.

MySanleandro will have about 26 sub sections, ranging from Community Calendars, Bus. listings, classifieds, movie and book reviews, to news and public announcements. "We want to help get the word out." said Ken. "One thing we have proven with our other websites, is that we are great at helping the community stay informed on important issues and community events."

More about the history of this website: is a privately run subsidiary of KO-Websites. KO-websites is one of the Bay Area leaders in website design and hosting services, and is the maker of KO-Websites is owned by Ken O'Donnell, a sixth generation East Bay native. Born in Oakland, Ken has leaved in the Bay Area his entire life (except while in the USAF). first went live in 2000.


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  • We will save ad space for FREE community event announcements. First come, first served.

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